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100742 FRV 60/8 2-lever on-off

1 501,50 €

Varastossa: Loppu

Tuotekoodi: 100742

100742 FRV 60/8 2-lever on-off

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2-lever mechanical on-off control
8 spools

A hydraulic control valve, light-weight and small in size, particularly used as valves for agricultural loaders and timber.

Maximum flow: 60 l/min
Weight: 22 kg
Max. operating pressure: 280 bar
Max. tank line pressure: 10 bar
Voltage: 12/24 VDC
Current (keeping): 8 A
Current (pull max): 16 A
Fuse: 20 A
Electric cable min: 4 mm2
Max. operating temp. 60 °C
Min. operating temp. -20 °C

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